“Queen of Crowdfunding”

Ruth E. Hedges





Get trained by Ruth E. Hedges one of the world’s foremost authorities on crowdfunding and one of the original pioneers of the legislation that was ultimately signed into law as Title lll 4(a)(6) the crowdfunding bill in the JOBS Act on April 5th, 2012.

Ruth is one of the world's most admired and knowledgeable crowdfunding leaders for the past decade.



She has been interviewed and quoted in over 67 publications including 7 times in Forbes who called her the

"Queen of Crowdfunding".



You are one of the millions of small businesses quietly running your business when you are told to shutter it and work from home as a pandemic is spreading around the world and people are quickly dying.

The world seemed to change overnight with the introduction of COVID-19. In an instant, your startup, small business, or organization is in need of capital. You try and take advantage of PPP loans and other funding sources but they are exhausted and cannot supply the funds that you need to continue to survive, grow and thrive.

Your company needs to prepare for this new reality now, but have no fear crowdfunding is here. Small businesses left out of the federal bailout program if prepared can raise capital from the public using crowdfunding.


Prepare your company for this new reality now. Our hands-on virtual Crowdfunding training is focused on how you can develop a successful crowdfunding campaign that engages your target audiences, shares an impactful brand story, and helps you raise capital in a COVID-19 world.


Join our community of small business owners, Fortune 500 corporations, chambers, advocates, and organizations, and learn how your business can access capital by crowdfunding people who believe in you. Create the right marketing material and communicate with your customers, fans, and followers and reach a new audience of backers, supporters or investors.



About Crowdfundingroadmap Inc


Crowdfundingroadmap Inc and its CEO Ruth E. Hedges is the leader in crowdfunding education and has produced crowdfunding boot camps and conventions for the past decade. She has been interviewed and quoted in over 67 publications including 7 times in Forbes who called her the "Queen of Crowdfunding".




She has a produced a summit with the Microsoft Corporation and its supplier diversity partner organizations to bring their members Crowdfundingroadmap training



Watch the replay of our recent Survive and Thrive online training

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Join her as she shows you how to advance your understanding of what you need to do to be successful in raising money using crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding





If you've ever wanted to use crowdfunding to raise capital for your project or business now is the time to get ready for that process to build a crowd to create the marketing material to increase your chances of success.


There is so much uncertainty for small businesses today especially for women, minorities, and veterans, that quite frankly, it is one of the smartest things you can do even if you don't need the money now so that you are fully prepared if someday you do.



Now is the time because the global

crowdfunding industry is growing rapidly

and is predicted to be 96 billion dollars by 2025.

Many people want to raise money online — using crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding but have no clue where to start!

So they stumble through books, blogs, and videos made by people who don't understand the full process and real challenges small businesses have and end up wasting weeks, months, and even years of time...and then quit because they have no clue what they're doing!


Or they launch a half baked crowdfunding campaign page with no real marketing effort and miserably fail.


But now you don’t need to worry about that because I created Crowdfundingroadmap Survive and Thrive training to take away all the guesswork when it comes to creating and launching a crowdfunding campaign based on a decade of training thousands of people from all over the world.

You're just one step away from learning my proven-process.


Read on...

I’ve put ALL my wisdom, winning strategies, tasks, and important action steps on how to create and launch a crowdfunding campaign into this program and process.


Here’s A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover Inside.

My program includes everything you need to build your crowd, your crowdfunding campaign, and promote it along with some very special bonuses from me including:


How to avoid the biggest mistakes most people make 
when they launch a crowdfunding campaign for their startup or small business that puts them at risk of wasting their time and raising ZERO dollars. When you apply these steps to your crowdfunding campaign you’ll increase your chances of raising money by 70%.


Access to an exclusive private Facebook group page
for our students to:

Get feedback for your video.

Network, collaborate and get questions answered from me and my team along the way.
Post your approved live campaign page once you finish the course, and launch a live campaign so we can all SHARE and LIKE it.

And a place to keep up with news, articles, videos, tips, from successful campaigns.


Learn about a very simple way to use an Artificial Intelligence App that will create content like an unstoppable super-human robot for your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages, and learn the best ways to use the content to build a crowd.


Learn how to create a great crowdfunding video without being intimidated about your lack of experience, expertise, and the best ways on how to ask for the money.


During your 4 weeks of training, you will get access to my weekly live call where we will take a deep dive into the course material and where you can get your questions answered. It's easy to feel challenged, stuck, or overwhelmed by the prospect of crowdfunding. We understand that everyone needs advice when tackling a crowdfunding campaign but true experts are out of reach for most people, until now. These calls are invaluable and will help you move the process along faster and make you more accountable for getting the work done and on the road to crowdfunding success.


Learn how to find advocates of crowdfunding and to know exactly what target audience you should go after and build up in your lead gen process. And the best ways to confidently market to them to increase their desire to be a backer, investor, or donor.


Learn how to get your customers to pay you for something now while you are closed during this pandemic or before you have manufactured it, and wait for 3- 6 months for you to deliver it to them. Learn how to clearly communicate why it makes financial sense for them to do it...







I will leave a positive comment on your campaign page


I will share and retweet your social post to my 75,000 followers on all of my Twitter accounts and on all of my Facebook crowdfunding pages.



I will mention your Crowdfunding 

Campaign and put a link to it in an email to my community 




I will post it to my 10,125 followers on LinkedIn which includes over 3,000 angel and VC investors.



If you're planning a crowdfunding campaign, you don't want to leave anything to chance. Our crowdfunding task and action plan and training include everything you need to build your crowd, plan your crowdfunding campaign, and promote it.


Our cutting edge crowdfund marketing strategies have been tested and proven to work since 2012. Our strategies are not based on theory but from years of in-the-trenches working with the other industry leaders, successful campaigners, and implementation.



Like every other form of funding, crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding comes with no guarantees of raising the money although it's an exciting new frontier for entrepreneurs to launch a business or survive. To increase the money you raise you should have a team to help you maximize your chances of success.
My program includes everything you need to know to build your crowd, plan, and promote your campaign.

Here's What
Makes It Different

For every success story, there are thousands of failures. And it's usually due to short term thinking and poor planning and a failure to commit to seeing it through all of the way to the end and through the launch and during the entire crowdfunding campaign.


And while I could easily charge thousands of dollars for my training I'm not going to do that for now because I want to help YOU achieve your dream and survive during this recession and pandemic and thrive after it's over.

That's why I'm offering you 4 weeks of my live training and access to the course material for 4 months for only $249.

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Yes, and it's a STEAL, because: “The Dream Is Free And The Hustle is Sold, Separately”


My training is the result of a decade of my dedication and hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment on my part to help to build the crowdfunding industry working with the best people in the business and helping companies raise millions of dollars along the way. And if you'll apply what's inside...there's absolutely NO TELLING how well you'll do...because crowdfunding your business may well be...The most empowering decision of your life.



For only $249


You get access to life-changing crowdfunding training for your small business or startup that can help you raise capital to survive and or thrive.

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Don't wait another day while this pandemic eats away at the little resources you have left.


Don't wait another week as this pandemic continues to grow or for another national crisis. Don't struggle to launch your Startup while waiting on a VC or an Angel investor or a bank loan that may never come. Prepare your company for a crowdfunding campaign and for this new reality NOW.


I sold a fraction of this training at my global crowdfunding convention in Las Vegas for $1500 a ticket for over 7 years in Las Vegas and now as a consultant, I personally coach companies for $10's of thousands of dollars.

"​We were blown away by the content and the quality of speakers and got the opportunity to meet amazing leaders in the space. The Queen of Crowdfunding is doing it again, working in partnership with Microsoft. ​If you want to learn more about how to do crowdfunding right, you couldn't find a better teacher.​"
Kelly Burton PhD

But you get access to this training for only $249.

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Because I know how HARD it can be to get started and I want to help you achieve your dream and protect the business you worked so hard to build.


I've been SO incredibly blessed to be part of the development and growth of the crowdfunding industry and it's my joy to share what I have learned with you!



Remember the future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams and who act on them.


And fortune favors the bold...
So what are you waiting for?

Equity Crowdfunding


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